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Mothers I Love

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For a moment in your life & mine I [B]elonged to you
I could only [I]magine how life was then, now that 24 years have past
I just wish I could [R]emember, the feel of your skin, your scent, your smile
I [T]ruly believe you did your best, but reality set in too hard, too fast
All I can do is [H]ope that, someday, I could tell you how much I love you and thank you for giving me…

A woman with [M]uch to be admired, giving her all for the the love of family.
Maintaining a sense of [O]ptimism, to keep her children on the side that’s bright.
To be a good parent, she [T]ries her best, though accepting her imperfections.
Has the ability to [H]eal a wounded knee with a kiss, a wounded heart with insight.
To her you’re [E]verything and more, priceless one might say.
She’s the [R]eason for your existence, the reason you are you today.

That is [A]bsolutely who you became to me, when embracing me into your heart and home.
Without hesitation, you called me your [D]aughter, with your eyes filled with love and pride.
You’re the [O]nly mother I have known, and that I will always honor.
I am aware of the sacrifices you’ve made, and thank you for all you have and continue to [P]rovide.
There are many [T]itles I could give you, though all would define MOM.
Such as teacher, guardian, coach, my [I]nspiration, my friend.
For me you have opened a [V]ariety of doors, each with paths for tomorrow.
I thank you for [E]very hug or tear, all the praise, and every lesson
Thank you being my rock, the woman on whom I can always depend.

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