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My Daddy

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My daddy never held me
And stemmed my newborn cries
When walking never held out a hand
To catch my baby tries

He never saw my first day
All proud and dressed up smart
Off to school for the first time
With a swelling in his heart

He never saw me run or fall
with excitement to see him there
or kissed my bruised knees or arms
To show me a daddy’s care

My daddy never sat up
And mopped my fevered brow
And showed me the night sky stars
And explained the wonderment of how

My daddy never helped me
With physics, maths or geography
He never showed me right from wrong
Or taught me things little girls don’t see

He never told me to ‘take that make-up off’
Or disciplined the difficult me
Or to come in on time and not to sulk
And avoid the unsuitable boys I just couldn’t see

My daddy didn’t take me
down the aisle as a blushing bride
He didn’t tell me he’d always love me
As I stood at another man’s side

He didn’t hold his grandchildren
And know their precious love
He didn’t hold my hand
As they prayed to God above

When I have cried ‘Where are you, daddy?’
And felt so all alone
You were with me then
If only I had known

Now, love transcends all time
And little girls change and grow
It matters not what I never had
As my daddy loves me now.

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