Some light-hearted, some poignant, some wise, and some simple, and a few mostly informational, here are some of my favorite adoption tweets from 2016.

1. A Star Wars Adoption

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ABC News @ABC 4-year-old girl gets “Star Wars”-themed adoption ceremony of her dreams. “It was a great deal of fun!”

2. Adoptive Parents

Kevin Conrod @swimsfar If you’re recommending 2 people to be parents to an adoption agency, don’t recommend people just because they’re your friends.

3. Keep Learning About Adoption

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Jessenia Arias @iamadopted Prospective adoptive parents: Do not just accept what your adoption agency tells you. Keep digging and learning about adoptees/adoption.

4. Adoption Creating Families

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Sean Palmer @seanpalmer I’m so grateful to the docs who worked tirelessly for years on our behalf!

  • Russell Moore @drmoore Every time I see all these stockings {photo of 7 Christmas stockings over a fireplace} I’m reminded of the doctor who told us we’d never have children. Ps:113:9
  • Keith Brenton @keith_brenton @seanpalmer @drmoore – And while I’m tickled for y’all, I’m grateful to the adoption agency and two birth moms who made it happen for us!
  • Sean Palmer @seanpalmer @keith_brenton Amen. I served on an adoption agency board. It’s beautiful. So many ways to make a family.

5. Adoption Love

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Jasmine @FideeEsCuteee I wanna have kids of my own but I also wanna adopt a kid bc no one deserves not to be loved in this world.

6. Adoption Life

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honey @posihoneyjar 1.) Describe your ideal lifestyle/the type of life you want to have.

  • jessica emily. @jessicaemilyyyy I want to be happy & full of light, be a teacher who helps her students become their best self, afford to help others and adopt many kids.

7. Foster Parent

alli @allihamonn I can’t wait to adopt kids of my own and be a foster mom. I promise I’m going to do right by those kids and love them unconditionally.

8. The Missing Piece

Allentown Buzz @allentownbuzz For families willing to adopt, older kids can be “the missing piece”: With his broad smile and mad basketball…

9. Giving A Home

Appriciate Jihyo @twicetra Going through and seeing orphanages first hand is WHY I’m choosing to adopt. Those kids need homes, not more kids without.

10. A Calling

Monica McDougal @monicamcdougal I’ve known since I was 18 that I’m called to adopt kids one day. It’s a beautiful calling that I’m so eager to answer…

11. A Family Story

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First4Adoption @First4Adoption “Just a Family Story” by @NowWeAreSix is one of our favourite #adoption blogs. Here’s a post from July  #bestof2016

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