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My Leah

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You have so many questions
For such a little girl.
Such complex thoughts and feelings
Your mind must be awhirl.

“Why couldn’t my first mommy keep me?”
You ask with innocence.
But I don’t understand myself
It doesn’t make much sense.

What demons were within her?
Why couldn’t she see the pain?
The world your first mother came from
Is one of fear and shame.

The drugs became her lifeline
She couldn’t stop the game.
It wasn’t that she didn’t want to
Perhaps she’s not to blame.

I think about her now and then
And wonder if she knows
That the daughter she couldn’t care for
Is safe and loved, and grows.

“She was too sick” I tell you
But you just can’t let go.
“Did she die and go to heaven?”
“I miss her, does she know?”

Oh Leah, if I could
I’d take away your pain.
But you are strong and you are tough
You’ll make it through the rain.

And when you do, I’ll be here
Standing by your side.
My love for you grows stronger
It cannot be denied.

God has blessed us with you, Leah
You’re our angel from above.
We are thankful every day
That you are ours to love.

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