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My Little Girl

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(Dedicated to Kathryn Simpson)

I was only seventeen when I found out,
That my life was going to change, no doubt.
Raised very religiously, I was afraid.
Felt as though I would be betrayed.

[[ADS}}My high school sweetheart did not abandon me.
Most of them do, they run, they flee.
We both told our own parents the news.
My dad hit the roof, then I had the blues.

“No way are you keeping the child,” is all I heard.
I was afraid to speak even a word.
I was sent to live in another state with family.
Things were all wrong because of me.

I was not to know the sex of my child,
But I think God looked down on me and smiled.
He gave me the chance to know what I had.
The papers said “baby girl,” it made me glad.

Even though I never saw her at birth,
I knew she was healthy and full of mirth.
She let out a loud cry when she was born,
In the early part of morn.

I have been truly blessed in my life,
I have had three others and am a wife.
I am with my high school sweetheart,
But this was only the start.

You see, when my little girl was nineteen,
I felt as though I was living a dream.
She found us, how amazing could that be?
Never thought it would happen, not to me.

We have only known each other for five years.
I cherish them all and hold them dear.
She is all grown up now, trying to make her way.
My little girl, the one I gave away.

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