When I decided to search for my siblings, I asked the permission of my adoptive mother. She granted me her permission and gave me all the information she had prior to my adoption.

I discovered that I was the tenth child, of thirteen, born into poverty and hard times. At the time of my birth, which was in September of 1947, six of my siblings were removed from the home and the other four were adopted.

It was my lucky day—I was adopted by two wonderful people after I was released from the hospital, a fit, happy 18-month-old baby girl.

Finding my biological siblings changed my life because now I have the love and support of two families. When my adoptive father passed away, I found myself facing a life without a father. I didn’t necessarily miss having a father figure, but I did miss being someone’s little girl. Mom and I had a good time together, but I was really a daddy’s girl up to then.

Knowing my biological siblings has made the passing of the only mother I knew a little easier to accept. I might add that Mom lived to be 95 years young, and I am so grateful that we became so close. Our rolls in life reversed and I learned to see life through her eyes before she passed in her sleep on November 28, 1999. She almost made it to the year 2000!

My greatest joy was meeting and learning about my brother Jim. He was the baby and we are so much alike in so many ways. It is truly a blessing to know him, and I think he feels the same way about me. We were adopted by different families but have a bond that only death will end.

It took hours and hours on the phone, and a few sleepless nights, to find my siblings but I know that I was led by the gentle hand of God. There were too many roadblocks for me not to have been. I am grateful and thank my Lord for helping me find such love.