What do doughnuts and adoption have in common? Probably nothing except that people in the adoption triad enjoy doughnuts just as much as everyone else because they’re delicious! But I bet if I asked you what police officers and doughnuts have in common the list would be significantly longer.

From what I understand, the stereotype of police officers and doughnuts started because doughnut shops were one of the few places that stayed open all night, offered a quick snack/coffee break, and a convenient place to do paperwork. In return, the doughnut shops liked the police presence there because they felt safe and protected. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, I’m sure not all police officers love doughnuts, but my husband fits the stereotype of a doughnut loving cop to a T! He also happens to be a loving father to our amazing two-year-old son, who was adopted. (See, I brought it around to adoption!) So, for National Doughnut Day, let’s have a little fun and create an acrostic poem about my doughnut-loving, wonderful police officer husband who is also a rock star Dad!

Don’t for a second doubt dads are the best. It’s true that my husband can pass every test.

Opening bottles and wiping away tears, helping with homework and calming all fears.

Ultimate protector from monsters and bugs. More than willing to give all the hugs.

Great dads love their kids with all that they’ve got, and trust us, with this guy it’s a whole super lot!

He’s playful and silly, the happiest man, who always does the best job that he can.

Not a problem around that Daddy can’t fix, and trust me, he already knows all of   your tricks!

Up all night if that’s what it takes, happily forgiving any mistakes.

To you, Daddy, a gift from God above, it’s you, Daddy, that we all truly love!

Today, on National Doughnut Day, go out, grab a dozen doughnuts, drop some off at your local police station and take some home to the awesome kids and dads in your life!

PS – Moms, you’re allowed to eat some too. We won’t tell!