More and more television is about inspiration and truth as it is about entertainment. In Ireland, adoption was legalized in 1952. Since that time there have been over 40,000 adoptions in the country.

This new television series highlights Irish adoptive families and Irish adoptees currently living in Ireland, New York, South Africa, Montana, and the UK.

Watch this tender video of Anne-Marie sharing her search and reunification experience. Her description of the extreme inward emotions will resonate with adoptees who have also searched and found. Finding a place among her birth family, feeling acceptance, and getting questions answered all played a part in Ann Marie’s healing and consequent joy.

But that joy was short lived. Heartbreak followed when association was cut off. This is the true story of a family confused and deeply affected by relinquishment and reunification. With the many effects this experience has had on Anne-Marie, she says, “I have to tell myself that I am enough.”

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