A Treatment Foster Parent has been accused of the sexual assault of one of one of the children in his care. 64-year-old Manuel Preciado was identified and arrested on Monday November 24th by state police, as reported by KOB4 Eyewitness News.

He was charged with kidnapping, child abuse, criminal sexual contact of a minor, false imprisonment, and enticement of a child. Preciado is being held in the Quay County jail.   The local Health and Wellness Center sent a criminal sexual contact case referral to the state police on November 3rd saying that sexual contact occurred between August and October. On that day, all children placed in Preciado’s care were removed from his home and placed in other facilities trained in treatment foster care.

Treatment Foster Care is required when children or youth have been traumatized by severe abuse and neglect.  One must receive special training to be a treatment foster parent.