It’s been five years in the making, and now the documentary “I Lived on Parker Avenue” is available for the world to see.

The 30-minute documentary follows David Scotton as he travels from Louisiana to Indiana on a quest to meet his birth family.

Scotton and his crew spent years preparing for the film’s release. They toured schools, churches and political arenas with a message to “reclaim the beauty of adoption.”

“I Lived on Parker Avenue” invites viewers to learn about the intimate decision to place a baby for adoption. It offers a unique juxtaposition of grief and celebration, and it comes full circle when Scotton’s birth family and adoptive family finally meet for the first time.


Hours after the film was released, reviews started pouring in online – on Facebook and in various adoption groups on the Internet.

Some viewers were surprised to see strong anti-abortion undertones and cautioned others in drawing such a clear parallel between abortion and adoption.  Others shared their personal stories of how adoption has impacted their own families and said Scotton’s documentary was a beautiful testimony to the joys of adoption.

You can watch the documentary in its entirety for free at