Judy Millidge was born on November 28, 1962. Like most adoptees, the question of where she came from lingers in the back of her mind. When she sees someone who looks like her, she can’t help but wonder if there is any relation. For years Millidge has bumped heads with the “total secrecy” laws in Quebec. Hopefully that ends today. She has been working with adoptee advocate, Lise Emond, to get the adoption laws changed. Up until now the government has adoption cases closed confidentially. Neither side of the adoption has any access to the file. Emond works with Mouvement Retrouvailles and sees those frustrated with the system often.

Together the pair waits for the Couillard government to allow greater access to adoptees and birth parents alike. The new laws will allow an 18-month window for biological parents to veto a request before giving the adoptee their identity.

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