Seeking important information about their birth families — including heritage, medical history, and names — adoptees hoping to gain access to their original birth certificates are in support of the new bipartisan bill that was recently introduced.

Currently, adoptees hoping to find their history must either hire a private investigator or jump through judicial hoops to gain the desired information. Frustrating to many, they do not have access to their original birth certificates. But Assemblyman David Weprin believes it’s time to give all adoptees access.

When the bill is passed, adoptees who are 18 years of age and older will be able to request a copy of his/her original birth certificate as well as information about their medical history. If available, the medical history information may be requested through New York’s Department of Health.

With the passage of this bill, adoptees who are given access to their original birth certificate will be able to get the name of their birth mother, and in many cases, the name of their birth father.