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It made headlines a couple of decades ago when Nicole Kidman and then-husband, Tom Cruise, adopted twice. Those children now grown, Nicole continues to love being a mother. Whether adopted or biological, her children are her children and that nurturing, maternal love never leaves.

Now, with rave reviews for the film Lion, rumors of a second Oscar for this famous actress are being shouted. Drawing on her own experiences as an adoptive mother, Nicole was happy to accept the role of Sue Brierley. Sue’s adopted son, Saroo, was lost in India at age 5, unable to find his home. The true life story of Saroo growing up in Australia, then finding his birth mother through Google Earth has audiences captivated.

Remembering her own experiences as an adoptive mother to young children, Nicole says she felt comfortable with the role. She said, “I still wanted every moment that was on screen to be full of her story and her truth…and that’s almost harder than being the lead because it’s trying to put all of those complicated emotions and ideas into small scenes,” she told the Daily Mail.