Adoptions are usually about love, and often about loss and heartache. Such is the case with these siblings, placed for adoption in 1962 by their mother while their father was at work. Living in extreme poverty, their parents just couldn’t make it work and although DHS tried to work for reunification, it was not to be. All five children were placed in homes – two of them together.

Since that time, some of the kids searched (and others didn’t) for each other and for their birth parents. The result is this glorious family reunion.  You see, there are more than five of them. After placing all 5 of their children for adoption, the couple went on to have and raise four more children. The result is a family of nine adult kids. All but two have been reunited. Both parents have passed away. Through reunification, much of the trauma and pain is dissolving and family bonds are being forged.

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