A private non-profit agency in Michigan recently held its 3rd Annual Image of Adoption event, hoping to match children in foster care with adoptive parents. Held during National Adoption Month, this event, along with others like it throughout the country, generates much-needed awareness about adoption and foster care.

But this isn’t the only event D.A. Blodgett St. John’s offers. They hold regular trainings, fundraisers, and social events to support and educate prospective and current adoptive parents.

Michigan’s WZZM13 covered Images of Adoption, which highlighted 15 of the 292 children in the state’s foster care system. D.A. Blodgett St. John’s want hopeful adoptive families to know that adopting through foster care is worth the effort. The agency stands firm in supporting adoptive families through the process and even long after the adoption has been finalized. They are a resource ready to answer questions and offer help.