This is the season of giving. Many children are very excited this time of year, making lists of all the presents they would like to receive. But unfortunately, many children in foster care may receive minimal or no gifts because of financial restraints.

A Texas nonprofit organization called Partnerships for Children and their Holiday Wishes program is hoping to give some of these children in foster care the spirit of Christmas. Partnerships for Children is planning on donating over 20,000 gifts to local Austin foster care children.

In order to succeed with this goal, caseworkers are having the foster children make lists of presents they would like to receive. Through donations and volunteers shopping for specific items, the gifts are wrapped and delivered to the children for the holidays.

A local news article quoted the organization as explaining their program this way, “Not only does this program make the season brighter for the children receiving the gifts but it also helps to take the burden off of family members caring for children or foster families on a tight budget who have a big heart but also might have many children to buy for this year.”

Their donation center is already full and they hope to provide over 20,000 gifts to 5,300 kids in the system. It is a wonderful opportunity for this Austin community to come together for their children. Many other communities around the country have similar initiatives, so many more children will have something to open on Christmas. Things like this set a wonderful example and show these children in foster care that their community cares for them.

Executive director Kori Gough stated, “[Foster families] are already doing so much by providing a home and a family for these kids, and if they need a little bit of extra support, we want to be able to provide it for them.”