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Not Under, But in My Heart

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(Dedicated to my children)

I’ve followed God’s plan
pondering now, I decide
preparing me for your arrival
His greatness formed to survive

Those months and years before
I felt you grow inside of me
though you’d never my flesh
In my dreams, it’s you I’d see

As you grew within my heart
gracing my soul a love
I’d not learned before
coming graciously from above

I still can swallow hardly
recalling first holding you
a tiny eager hand in mine
in my heart develop through

Amorous for every quirk
this new love that we’d feel
as our journey of adoption
would make this feeling real

I will never truly capture
my perfect emotions in words
your lives with me are treasured
as being Momma to thirds

Though another parent bore you
I’d like to think I too
for you grew inside of me
before it was you I knew

The tears of joy each momenta stranger won’t get the wit
or understand how a child
grows in your heart, not under it

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