Shocking and even shaming to Mamata Banerjee, India, is the revelation that over the past two to three years at least 17 children have been sold–not adopted, but sold. Investigators have been looking closely at the Bimala Sishu Griha Centre since last June, when discrepancyies in their records were noticed.

Today, authorities arrested Chandana Chakraborty and her deputy, Sonlai Mondal for child trafficking. It has been discovered that children have been sold for up to $23,000. Why have hopeful adoptive parents gone in the “back door” and participated in illegal adoption? With India’s estimated 30 million orphans, it seems legal adoption would be a cinch. Not so. Even with many children needing homes, there were fewer than 5,000 legal adoptions of those orphans in 2014 and the same in 2015.  (Source:  Central Adoption Resource Authority) The relatively few adoptions are a result of the “lengthy bureaucratic delays and complex rules regarding legal adoption,” according to The Express Tribune.

More officials are making a stronger effort in stopping this illegal work from happening. Post Card News said:  “Child trafficking is a scourge on our nation, and steps need to be taken to curb this social menace. Everything cannot be done by the central government. State governments must be more vigilant and strict in their approach … The media should take a more active role in bringing such scandals to the public and putting pressure on governments to take action against such perpetrators.”