Known as MomJo and G-Dad, the Belveals began foster parenting in the late ’70s after raising three biological children. In church one day, Jo Ann Belveal was struck by a sermon which shared the plight of children right in their area. With John in the military, the couple know Jo Ann would have to do most of the work alone, but they agreed to take on the challenge.

Most of the children the Belveals cared for were under the age of 3. And while the children may not remember MomJo and G-Dad because of being so young in their care, the Belveals certainly remember the 78 children they cared for through the years. Throughout their home are pictures of these children with them.

With her knees weak now, MomJo has had to retire from foster parenting. But the Belveals are quick to point out that foster parenting is a blessing for all involved. In an interview with News OK, MomJo said it was painful to say good-bye each time, but her love for children kept her going.