In this candid interview, birth mother and search and reunion expert Tamra Hyde talks about the value of open adoption. “Children need to hear it from the mouth of their first mother that they went from love to love,” says Tamra. When children know that they weren’t abandoned out of selfish desires, but rather were placed with intense love and complete unselfishness, they grow up with more of a sense of completeness.”

Tamra points out that both closed adoption and open adoption–as well as everything in between–are options for creating families. Having been recently reunited with the son she placed, Tamra has also been united with his family. The extension of family to include birth parents is one that Tamra and other expects recognize is beneficial to all.

Representing in this interview, Tamra points out the resources available from the site. Whether considering adoption, finding you are pregnant, or hoping for reunification, information on every facet of adoption can be found on