This trajectory of Russia both politically and socially has been in a state of change for decades. From communism to socialism to capitalism, the changes may eventually result in good for individuals, but for many years they have caused confusion and challenges. And it is the Russian orphans who have gotten the shortest end of the stick.

Traditionally, orphans in Russia have been institutionalized. The sheer enormity of the numbers of children without parents has required this. When the state of overcrowded orphanages became known to citizens of the United States and other western countries, adoptions from Russia skyrocketed.

Although this helped, it did not solve the problem for the majority of orphans who were being raised in something other than a family/home environment. To compound the problem, in 2012 Russia closed adoptions of their children to American families.  While this caused and increase in the number of children being institutionalized, it also caused the government and individuals in Russia to rethink the care they give their children. In fact, it caused some wonderful creativity, the result of which is this “foster village” that the government is now helping to subsidize.

Foster care is a relatively new concept to Russians. But in this little village comprised of a handful of families and a select number of orphans, the idea is catching on, and individuals and families are being blessed. With the support of other families who have agreed to foster orphans, parents are now inviting children to join their families. And beautifully, the choice is ultimately up to the child.

Watch this video to see how well adjusted these children are, and how happy they are learning to be in their new atmosphere.  Perhaps this is an idea that could catch on elsewhere!

Watch the video here.