Caleb appears as your average teenage boy, one who enjoys sports, hunting, and fishing. Caleb is described as “bright, pleasant, friendly and talkative.”

He is very smart, a good student and performs well at school. According to his profile, Caleb is “He is an avid reader and enjoys participating in activities that provoke thinking.” His favorite genre to read is Greek Mythology.

Caleb described himself as a “country boy,” and his teachers described him as “intelligent.” He is aware of what it takes to be in a family and owns his actions and behaviors.

Caleb would love to find a forever family. He hopes this family would be one he could trust and that would be able to come alongside him as he navigates his teenage years. Being a teenager is hard enough, but without a family support system, it makes it that much harder.

Spread the word and find Caleb his forever family!