Hi. I’m Hillary. I’m a photographer and a birth mom. I intend to travel the country and meet with other women who have placed their children for adoption. Some of the stories will be beautiful and inspiring, while other testimonies will be completely heartbreaking. Click here to see more stories.

I met with Paige early February at a beautiful park in North Florida. She was so excited to meet me and talk about our stories and experiences with being birth mothers. Paige placed her son for adoption for many of the same reason I placed my son: the knowledge that we simply couldn’t provide the lives we wanted our sons to have. Unlike Paige, however, I had a wonderful, if small, supportive group of family and friends. Despite the insensitivity of her family, Paige says she still has no regrets about her decision.


“If I was going to be selfish, I would have kept him. People think adoption is an easy way out or an overall bad choice, but in all honesty it’s the most selfless thing a woman can do.”