Recognizing that some adopted children can feel angry, lost, or disenfranchised at some point, realizing they know nothing about their birth families, Pennsylvania’s 2011 change in adoption laws make Pre-Adoption Contracts possible, allowing birth and adoptive families to share in their relationships with the children.  The law “recognizes that kids have ongoing, emotional connections to their birth relatives.”

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette followed two families, the Wells and Elmores, who entered into a Pre-Adoption Contact Agreement.   Claudia and Adam Wells, just last week, legally adopted brothers Solomon, age 12, and Daniel, age 9.  As per their pre-adoption agreement, the boys will continue to have regular contact with their birth mother as well as their brother and sister.

Claudia and Adam became foster parents to all four children Elmore children in 2010.  Later, Taisha Elmore, the children’s birth mother, was able to regain care for the sister and brother, but the two boys have Loeys-Dietz syndrome, a condition which affects their hearts.  Because she has the same problem, Taisha has been unable to properly care for the boys.  Although she continues to love them, she knows their best chance at life is with the Wells.

Thanks to their Adoption Contact Agreement, the families will stay close to each other and the boys will always know they are loved by two families.

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