Growing up in less-than-favorable circumstances, Jeremy Maclin was taken in by the Parres family when he was a sophomore in high school.  He was loved and nurtured and given an opportunity to succeed.  Jeff and Cindy Parres showed him that he could become whatever he wanted.  Jeff was his high school football coach and had a huge impact on Maclin.

Eventually Maclin was reunited with his birth mother.  He overcame emotional difficulties and now helps children do the same. reported this week on his generosity.  Since 2012 Maclin has been giving tickets to child who was adopted and his/her family each home game.  To make the deal sweeter, he also invites them onto the field after the game to visit with him and to meet some of his teammates.

Since the invited guests know Maclin’s story, they gain great hope as he tells them that life can be joyous, and that their new families can be the impetus to a huge change from their past.