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This is the last photo of my birth mother Mary Elizabeth Baldwin/Williams/Adkins that I am aware of. She would be around 79-80 yrs. old now. She has a lazy eye and a crippled right hand/arm. If anyone has seen her or knows of her whereabouts I would be truly grateful being notified. I am her oldest daughter Grace Belle Adkins (adopted Nancy Sue Bergmann) the year she disappeared. And my youngest sister Mable Sarah Elizabeth (adopted Sharon K Isles) are searching for her. Note to our mother: We love you mom and we are worried about you. You don't have to run away or hide anymore. Please come home ! Also if anyone would know of her death as she used different names throughout her life after we were born back in the 1950s we don't care about all that we just want her back. If she is deceased we would like to know where she is interred. Children born 1949: Otis Williams/Billy Williams (twins) sons of Mary and Maurice Williams, Terre Haute, IN Children born 1950s: Billy Edward Adkins DOB/DOD 1950 4 mos. 22 days, Terre Haute, IN Grace Belle Adkins DOB 10/04/1951, Terre Haute, IN Mable Sarah Elizabeth Adkins DOB 10/13/1952, Terre Haute, IN Sharon Fay Adkins DOB: 1954 adopted Sharon Fay Cutsinger, deceased
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