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Ametrias from Alabama

Alabama Department of Human Resources - Office of Adoption

  • Age11
  • GenderM
  • LocationAlabama
  • Case #S590110840

This sibling group of five is a warm and welcoming group of children with fantastic smiles, who desire to be placed together. In common with each other, all five cite math as their favorite subject. As the oldest, Artavius (9th grader) longs for a father to teach him how to fix things with his hands, and to build a secure relationship with his adoptive parent/s. Adriunna, (7th grader) desires to enter the military and is a visual learner. She is very outgoing socially. Alissia, (6th grader) aspires to be a fashion designer. She loves to read chapter books and to use her imagination. Ametrias, (4th grader) wants to serve and protect as a police officer when he grows up, and his favorite hobby is playing his Wii game. The youngest, Asia, (2nd grader) enjoys theater and aspires to become a leading actress in movies or Broadway. She thrives with quality one-on-one activity such as reading or completing arts and crafts. Artavius enjoys football while his siblings participate in their church's youth choir and dance team. Asia receives speech therapy in the school setting due to a corrected cleft palate. It is evident that these energetic siblings have much love and concern for one another. They deserve a forever home and family who will be there for them, and help guide them all to become the awesome, contributing adults they are all destined to be.

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