Devin from Alabama

Alabama Department of Human Resources - Office of Adoption

  • Age18
  • GenderM
  • LocationAlabama
  • Case #590120110044CR

Devin, born November 1999, is a sweet and intelligent child. Devin enjoys doing his own thing and tends to be a loner. Devin is a very good reader. He does not watch much television and prefers to play video games. His social skills are somewhat limited and he becomes anxious when he has to interact with a lot of people. He does not like noisy situations. However, Devin is adaptable for the most part and requires quite a bit of redirection. He is not really that interested in sports but has participated in playing soccer and volleyball. Devin enjoys the outddoors and likes to look for bugs. He also likes to go hiking. Devin is not a very affectionate child, but he does feel emotion for others. He has stated that he wants to be adopted. He desires to be part of a family again and he feels there is a family out there for him.

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