Mary from Alabama

Alabama Department of Human Resources - Office of Adoption

  • Age23
  • GenderF
  • LocationAlabama
  • Case #59012017222MNS

Mary, born in November 2002, has a close relationship with her older sister, and it will be important for her to maintain contact with her sister when Mary is adopted. Mary is a jeans and tee-shirt kind of girl, and doesn't like to dress up much. She loves keeping her hair in a fashionable style, which to her usually involves long braids. Mary makes friends easily and has several close friends. She is one to say what she thinks and doesn't hold anything back. Mary's family, her culture, and her history are important to her. She loves collecting things such as photos and stuffed animals for memories of people she has lost in her life. Mary is sensitive, but a bit stand-offish until she gets to know someone. This young lady deserves a forever family who will help train and guide her in areas she needs help in, to love her, and take care of her in a safe and secure home as she grows from teen to young adult. She needs a forever Mom who will be there for her and help Mary grow into the successful adult she is destined to become.