Ariel from Arizona

Arizona Department of Child Safety

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationArizona
  • Case #AZ21923

Ariel likes to be active and enjoys playing sports, such as volleyball and basketball. she loves listening to many different types of music, singing, and dancing. She spends her spare time drawing and completing different types of arts and crafts.

Ariel is eager to learn and wants to increase her creative skills. She would like to participate in dance, singing, and guitar lessons. At school, she puts in her best effort and tries to complete all her work as she wants to do well. Ariel is caring of others wellbeing and likes to make others laugh. She believes that she is intoned with her emotions and can be sensitive when others hurt her feelings.

She loves animals, especially dogs and cats, and reports that she is allergic to cats but is willing to take medication for it. Ariel is searching for her forever home where she would be the only child or have siblings her age or older. She would prefer to stay in Arizona so that she can maintain her current relationships with her friends.

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