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Christian from Arizona

Arizona Department of Child Safety

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationArizona
  • Case #AZ07824

Meet Christian, a teen aged boy who has lived through adversity that no one should have to endure, let alone a young child. But he will not let the hardships of his past affect his future. And he has bright one.

Christian loves playing basketball and enjoys being outside. He likes listening to music for recreation, and uses it as a coping skill when he needs to calm down. He has a wide array of musical interests from the Beatles to Eminem. He is described as being a sweet, well-mannered child when he has one-on-one interactions with adults. He can have good peer relationships with both younger and older children, though it depends on the situation. Christian has previously enjoyed playing chess and used to like to collect different chess sets.

Christian is in 9th grade. Christian enjoys school and puts in excellent effort. He enjoys math and social studies. He is described as being very kind-hearted and a delight to have in class.

Christian would like to go to college some day and states that he would like to be a middle school history teacher. He also aspires to play professional basketball for the NBA or professional football for the NFL.

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