Juan from Arizona

Arizona Department of Child Safety

  • Age9
  • GenderM
  • LocationArizona
  • Case #AZ191638

Meet joyful, energetic, and charismatic Juan. Juan is a very sweet boy who loves to play at the park and just have fun! When Juan is not outside being active, he enjoys helping care for his baby foster brother and playing any video games such as Minecraft. Juan is very creative and states he likes games like Minecraft because he can create and make an entire world in the video game.

Juan also says he loves to watch Naruto the movie and TV show. In fact, Juan is a huge fan of Naruto and has seen the movie dozens of times and can talk about it for hours. When Juan is not watching Naruto, he also gets his groove on by listening to music from Sam Smith.

Juan says his perfect day would include playing at the park or playing video games and then eating at the Golden Corral after because they have a chocolate fountain there. If this is not possible, Juan says he also would love to go swimming and eat pizza or fried chicken.

Juan would benefit from a two parent family with or without siblings. His ideal family would be able to provide him a lot of structure and routine. Juan says he doesnt have a preference in adoptive families but would like any family who is kind and loving.

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