Seth from Arizona

Arizona Department of Child Safety

  • Age12
  • GenderM
  • LocationArizona
  • Case #AZ16855

Seth is outgoing, friendly, warm and energetic. He describes himself as kind, helpful and a good person. His favorite activities are riding his bike and using his skateboard at the park. His favorite sports are football, soccer, basketball and baseball.

However, Seths main focus is returning to Karate as he enjoyed it in the past. His favorite food is mac-and-cheese and his favorite dessert is cookies-and-cream ice cream. When talking about pets Seth mentioned he would like to one day have his own dog and cat. His favorite type of dogs are caramel colored Chihuahuas.

Seth would like to finish school and attend college. His dream is to help people by serving first as a police officer and then as a firefighter. He added, he is currently attending bible study and enjoys learning more about Jesus.

He is very excited about finding a permanent home. He is open to single or two parent home. However, expressed main interest in finding a mother to care and love him unconditionally. Please help by sharing his story with family and friends.