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Trystin from Arizona

Arizona Department of Child Safety

  • Age12
  • GenderM
  • LocationArizona
  • Case #AZ07911

Trystin is full of life and energy. Trystin loves being outside, whether its to play basketball, ride a bike or even just run around. Trystin enjoys being active but also has a calm and artistic side. He enjoys making sculptures out of pipe cleaners and making origami. He also enjoys watching movies.

Currently, Trystin's favorite subjects in school, are English and Math. There is an IEP in place.

A family for Trystin would need to be very committed and willing to work on building trust and attachment. He would do best in a two parent home, with either no children or younger children (especially infants and toddlers). Trystin requires a lot of individual attention and needs an active family, who is open and willing to try new and different things with him. He needs a structured home that also has the willingness and flexibility to grow and change together.

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