Brian from California

Los Angeles County Department of Family and Social Services

  • Age9
  • GenderM
  • LocationCalifornia
  • Case #501952

Brian is 8 years of age. Brian's race is African-American, and Brian will join an adoptive family as a single child. He is a dependent of Los Angeles County - Placement & Recruitment Unit. His CKC reference number is 501952.

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Sensitive, inquisitive and caring are a few words that describe Brian. Brian already knows that when he grows up, he wants to join the army so that he can help the poor. In the meantime, Brian enjoys skateboarding, movies about nature, puzzles, football and playing tennis with his buddies.

Brian has been described as bright and does well academically. However, he struggles with some behavioral challenges in school that are being addressed. He likes getting help with class work and homework. Brian is learning how to use his words when he becomes frustrated and he responds well with positive reinforcements in a structured environment.

When it comes to food Brian likes carrots, broccoli, peas, spaghetti, beans and mac and cheese. He is not a sweet eater but will eat cookies, jelly donuts and apple pie. Brian wants a forever family that will assist him with being all he can be and he would like to have two sisters and two brothers around his age.

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