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Sergio from California

Los Angeles County Department of Family and Social Services

  • Age14
  • GenderM
  • LocationCalifornia
  • Case #501601

Sergio has the mind of an engineer and can often be found trying to build something with Legos or other things that could help serve a purpose for an objective at hand ...be it a car, a building, a bridge, etc. Sergio also has an engineers eye as the things he constructs tend to be detailed. He is very good with electronics, especially with working the TV/cable box and the stereo and speakers because they are all interconnected and he can make almost anything work the way it should and knows if someone reconnected things improperly.

Sergio is friendly and full of energy, and when hes not busy building something he likes to play the drums or play golf. For downtime he enjoys watching superhero movies on TV or playing video games. When it comes to eating, Sergio is not a picky eater and enjoys eating homemade meals like macaroni and cheese or Mexican foods, or going out to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza.

Sergio is doing well in school, but could use some help getting his homework done; However, he does like going to school every day. He also benefits from any one on one help he gets with reading and math. Sergio has a spiritual side and enjoys going to church on Sundays and he also has some of the right moves when it comes to dancing and likes Folklorico Dance.

Sergio would do well with a family where he is able to receive a lot of one on one attention to help nurture his ideas and help him bring his vision of things to life now and in the years to come. If you are interested in building or expanding your family by adding a child with the mind and eye of an engineer, Sergio may be the one for you.

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