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Andrik from North Carolina

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  • Age5
  • GenderM
  • LocationNorth Carolina
  • Case #Andrik

Andrik was born prematurely via C-section in November 2012. He was diagnosed with intrauterine hypotrophy, respiratory distress syndrome, post-surgical necrotizing enterocolitis, periventricular leukomalacia, mild post-ischemic encephalopathy, infantile cerebral palsy-mixed form, and third degree protein-calorie malnutrition. His development is severely delayed.

Update July 2017: Andrik continues to seek physical closeness with adults and has become less tearful, overall. He can now independently grab and manipulate toys that are placed nearby. Andrik receives physical therapy and works with a psychologist and a special instructor.

June 2016: Andrik lives in one of his birth country's largest orphanages where provision is lacking even for the most basic needs. He has head control, rolls from back to front and vice versa, and sits with support, but cannot stand or walk. Andrik can hold and toys handed to him. He is entirely dependent on the help of adults.

Andrik is nonverbal and often tearful. He does not make steady eye contact and does not reliably respond to his name. He enjoys receiving individual attention and affection from adults and laughs out loud when teased.

Our in-country representative reports that Andrik is not well adapted in his group. He spends much of his time in a crib even when awake. He stays among other children for a while but loud noises make him nervous. Andrik can focus on an object of interest for a time and seems calmer and more joyful in the presence of familiar adults.

Andrik is a sweet little boy who needs a safe, loving, and stimulating family environment.

Weight at Birth: 1.48 kg Height at Birth: 41 cm Weight March 2017: 8.2 kg Height March 2017: 85 cm


Disclaimer: This information has been provided to Hopscotch from various sources such as foreign doctors, orphanage directors, nannies, ministry officials, foundation representatives, attorneys and translators. If you have any questions regarding the information stated in the childrens reports, please consult with your International Adoption specialist. Hopscotch cannot attest to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Information can change over time as children develop or through human error in recording data.

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