Beck from North Carolina

Hopscotch Adoptions Inc.

  • Age7
  • GenderM
  • LocationNorth Carolina
  • Case #Beck

Beck was born in March 2010 and after spending a few years in an orphanage where he was severely malnourished and neglected, he moved into a foster home in December 2014. Beck is blind and his development is delayed though he has made great strides since joining his foster family.

Beck is a curious boy who actively explores his world, orienting himself via touch, smell, and human echolocation (the use of clicking sounds and their echos off surfaces to determine his surroundings). He is able to get around on his own including up and down stairs by using a wall or other support for guidance. Beck walks on his toes most often and receives physical therapy to help improve his gait and balance. He listens to and understands others speech, remembers what is said to him, speaks in simple sentences, and asks and answers questions. Becks attention span and focus are increasing, especially for activities of interest. He loves listening to childrens music, enjoys engaging with his peers as well as playing on his own, and has begun to invent creative games.

Beck is affectionate and attached to everyone in his foster family. He expresses a spectrum of emotions from joy and pleasure to frustration and anger to feelings of shame and guilt when he knows he has done something wrong. He feeds himself using a fork, drinks from a cup, undresses without assistance, and is in the process of being potty-trained. Beck has a beloved backpack which he fills with possessions and carries wherever he goes.

A devoted forever family who would cherish Beck and provide him with the specialized therapies and resources he needs would enable this sweet boy to truly thrive.

Weight at Birth: 1.280 kg Height at Birth: 37 cm

Weight April 2017: 18 kg Height April 2017: 110 cm


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