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Hamish from North Carolina

Hopscotch Adoptions Inc.

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationNorth Carolina
  • Case #Hamish

Hamish was born in November 2002. He is healthy and mildly developmentally delayed due to academic and social neglect. Hamish lived with his large birth family until February 2013 when his mother died.

Hamish is a curious and generally calm, friendly boy, but can act impulsively and show some emotional instability. He interacts well with children and adults, has good play skills and organizes peers for role and story games. Hamish maintains friendships and is well oriented in the environments familiar to him, but does not always follow established rules and norms. He enjoys listening to music and dancing. He also likes watching TV series.

Hamish's gross motor skills are age appropriate. His fine motor skills are continuing to improve. He speaks in sentences, understands what is said to him and can carry out instructions. His self-help skills are good and he is learning to complete everyday household tasks.

Hamish currently attends fourth grade in a mainstream classroom where he works with a resource teacher. He struggles to master the academic material and is working on scholastic skills that are typically acquired by much younger children.

Recently, positive changes have been seen in Hamish's communication skills, his ability to join a group, his independence and his skills for social integration. Hamish will need a dedicated family that can help him overcome the delays caused by prolonged academic and social neglect and thrive.

Weight in February 2017: 43 kg Height in February 2017: 155 cm


Disclaimer: This information has been provided to Hopscotch from various sources such as foreign doctors, orphanage directors, nannies, ministry officials, foundation representatives, attorneys and translators. If you have any questions regarding the information stated in the childrens reports, please consult with your International Adoption specialist. Hopscotch cannot attest to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Information can change over time as children develop or through human error in recording data.