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Alyxis from Florida

Florida Department of Children & Families

  • Age17
  • GenderM
  • LocationFlorida
  • Case #101200757
Alyxis is an African American male who describes himself as calm, happy and as a hardworking teenager. He shares that he likes to play football and basketball with other youths his age. His favorite color is red and his favorite food is pepperoni and meat lovers' pizza. Alyxis has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. He usually laughs when someone is doing something silly or telling jokes. Like other teenagers his age, Alyxis likes to play games with his friends and go out to eat at restaurants with them. His favorite subject in school is geometry. He also likes to go to theme parks and fairs where he can go on as many rides as he likes and eat funnel cake. When he is by himself, he is usually watching television, listening to music and playing games on his Play Station 3. Alyxis loves traditional holidays where he can eat turkey, open presents and have fun. He also likes staying up all night on New Year's Eve so he can participate in the countdown to the new year. His favorite restaurant is Golden Corral. When he is older he has plans on becoming a game designer. Alyxis has a very strong bond with his half-brother. It is very important to him that he is with a family that respects this and will allow him to maintain this relationship. He prefer to find a family locally, so he can have easier contact with his brother. Alyxis does not like to be alone so he would love a family with other children his age and pets. He would also like a family that enjoys going out and doing things together. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this young gentleman.
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