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Emmanuel from Florida

Florida Department of Children & Families

  • Age7
  • GenderM
  • LocationFlorida
  • Case #102660127
Raul and Emmanuel are a sibling group of two that are very bonded and have never been separated. We are looking for their forever family that will give them the life that they need and deserve while providing patience, consistency, and structure for these young boys. Raul is a handsome young man. He has been described by his caregiver as an outgoing, active, and independent child. He enjoys hamburgers, french fries, and coke. Raul has a high energy level and enjoys sports. He also enjoys helping around the house by sweeping or raking. Raul loves to color and ride his bike. He enjoys school, however; Raul has behaviors that disrupt his learning at times. Emmanuel is a handsome young man who loves to spend time outdoors and enjoys activities like raking leaves and riding his bike. Emmanuel has a high energy level when he plays outdoors, but knows how to play quietly while indoors. Other than riding his bike, he enjoys getting on the computer, fishing, and playing sports in his free time. Emmanuel is very talkative, and has a great sense of humor, but is reserved if he is unsure of meeting strangers. He is a lot of fun and is a happy child. His favorite foods are hamburgers and french fries, but he enjoys eating a variety of foods. Emmanuel is very affectionate and loving, and responds to the affection of others.
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