Layla from Florida

Florida Department of Children & Families

  • Age10
  • GenderF
  • LocationFlorida
  • Case #102003365
Layla and Devonte are like yin and yang and perfectly paired together. They are very different from one another, yet complementary. When you first meet the two, Layla is bubbly whereas Devonte is shy. Layla is a very much an extrovert compared to Devonte. She is outwardly artistic and loves to draw, while Devonte is more technologically savvy. Layla describes herself as cute, funny and awesome. She is very outgoing and gets along well with others. She likes to be around people as much as possible. Layla is inquisitive and has a wonderful sense of humor! Devonte is a very sensitive and caring little boy. He is more reserved and quiet compared to his sister. Devonte loves to explore and be outside. His ideal day would be spent wandering around in nature looking at the plants and animals. Devonte enjoys one-on-one attention and thrives on positive attention and praise. Layla and Devonte would benefit most from a family supportive of their individual personalities and of their mutual desire to maintain contact with their older sister.
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