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BreeAnna from Kansas

Kansas Children's Service League/Adopt KS Kids

  • Age14
  • GenderM
  • LocationKansas
  • Case #17016498

BreeAnna states that she would like to become an author someday! She enjoys reading, drawing and singing! Her favorite classes in school are art and choir. She does well in school but can struggle a bit with math. She is proud of her ability to stand up for herself but admits that she needs to work on her attitude and not being rude to others. BreeAnna will need encouragement on how to express her emotions appropriately when she becomes angry or upset with others. She will need guidance on how to relate to her peers and not take things so personal. BreeAnna would do best in a family that can be firm and not give in to all her wants. She would do best in a family with few other children in the home.

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