Jacob from Kansas

Kansas Children's Service League/Adopt KS Kids

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationKansas
  • Case #S170110711

Get ready to meet three good spirited and energetic siblings, they are Jacob, Janiraa & Jordan. The oldest, Jacob gets along well with others and enjoys playing sports. In his downtime, he likes to paint and take his time making a masterpiece painting. Jacob also likes to run and be active as he says it makes him feel good. In School his favorite class is math, he says it is challenging but also kind of easy for him. It only makes sense then that Jacob would like to be a math teacher when he grows up. He works hard at being nice to others and is proud of that.

Next up we have Janiraa, she is a happy go lucky child who loves to sing, especially singing her ABCs. She loves eating snacks, as she says apples, grapes, and yogurt are the best. Janiraa loves babies and says they make her laugh. When she grows up she wants to be a fire unicorn! When Janiraa is relaxing she likes to watch cartoons and Disney movies.

Then we have the youngest of the group, Jordan. He loves dinosaurs, playing with cars and going outside to play. Jordan also loves to read books and be read to. He thinks everything is funny and quite often is laughing and having a good time. A special family that can adopt all three children together is key. They need a tight-knit family that can devote individual time to each of them and gives them all the attention and love they deserve. They will do great with a family that can offer them lots of structure, guidance and also makes sure all of their needs are met.

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