Mary from Kansas

Kansas Children's Service League/Adopt KS Kids

  • Age4
  • GenderF
  • LocationKansas
  • Case #S170110733

Get ready to meet four very kindhearted and helpful kiddos, Patrick, Georgia, Neveah & Mary. The oldest of the group is Patrick, he is a good big brother and watches out for his little sisters. He is characterized as smart and an overall great kid. Patrick is always doing things for other people as that is his nature. He enjoys reading and can often be found reading books. Some of Patricks other hobbies include skateboarding and video games. When he grows up he wants to create video games. Others who know Patrick saw he dearly loves his sisters and wants what is best for them. He wants to be adopted with them and always be a part of their lives. Next up is Georgia, she is a people person and has a positive attitude. She loves tumbling and is a very active child. Georgia likes riding her bike, swimming, and dancing. In school, she likes her math class the most and has made great strides. Georgias siblings make her laugh and she is very close to them. Georgia has a can-do demeanor and does well in school. Next up is Neveah, she is a great helper as well. She is really good at playing on the monkey bars and loves tumbling just like her older sister. Neveah is in Kindergarten and enjoys school. She is close to her siblings and wants to remain connected to them, as it is important to her. Neveah loves to learn new things and relates well to others. Last but not least we have Mary, she loves to try her hand at new things. She loves riding her bike with training wheels and playing with play dough. Mary always has a smile on her face and loves being with her siblings. She has a wonderful disposition. All four siblings deserve a strong tight-knit family who will give them all the love and support they deserve. They are unique as individuals but share in the fact that they have a close bond as a group and are important to each other. A family that can provide them with individual attention while preserving their bond is ideal.

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