April from Louisiana

LA Dept. of Social Services: Louisiana Adoption Resource Exchange

  • Age16
  • GenderF
  • LocationLouisiana
  • Case #LA010810
April is an intelligent thirteen year old girl who is currently enrolled in the gifted and talented program at school. April is passionate about the arts. She enjoys writing poetry, playing the piano, listening to music as well as writing her own music. Hence, she aspires to pursue a career in the music industry, especially audio engineering. April has three younger brothers, whom she is very close to. She would like to be adopted with her eleven year old brother, Warren if possible. However, she hopes her forever parents will support her desire to maintain contact with brothers, John (8) and David (9). Warren is an eleven year old boy who is very mature and insightful. He is "wise beyond his years". Warren is known to be polite, respectful and soft spoken, especially to adults. He enjoys playing football, basketball and video games. Warren hopes to play professional basketball for his favorite team, the Miami Heat. Warren considers himself to be an "intelligent young man with a good vocabulary". Like April, he would like for them to be adopted together. Warren desires to continue contact with his younger brothers as well.
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