Jodie from Louisiana

LA Dept. of Social Services: Louisiana Adoption Resource Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationLouisiana
  • Case #LA0122578
Jodie is a cute little 10 year old that is active, and has lots of personality. Like most boys his age, Jodie enjoys playing outdoors, and his favorite game to play is basketball. He is a great team player, but loves getting the ball so that he can show off his dribbling skills. Jodie has a remote control car that he also loves playing outdoors with. His indoor favorite thing to do is playing the video games. Jodie is currently in the fourth grade, and his teacher reports that he is a good student that does well academically. However, Jodie requires assistance with appropriate social skills regarding borrowing items that do not belong to him without asking. He appreciates positive reinforcement that involves a potential trip to McDonalds or the Arcade. Jodie is a grateful child, but would benefit from a family that is patient and willing to provide him with the guidance he needs. Jodie has two older siblings that he would like to maintain contact with once he finds his Forever Family.