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Cassidy from Pennsylvania

Statewide Adoption Network Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange

  • Age19
  • GenderF
  • LocationPennsylvania
  • Case #C08AA43
Cassidy is a friendly young lady who enjoys spending time with other people. She is outgoing and likes nothing more than to go shopping or to the salon. Cassidy enjoys singing publically; she performed at a county fair as well as at an adoption matching event she attended. One day, she says, she hopes to sing on television. She loves singing along to country and rock songs, but can and will sing the Star Spangled Banner, as it is a favorite of hers. She says that "it is impressive because there are a lot of words and people know the song really well so they know when you are doing a good job". Cassidy considers herself a country person, and she loves being around the house. She says "I want to garden and plant flowers, fruits, and veggies. Weeding is my favorite things because it helps the plants. Roses, tulips, sunflowers, and dandelions are some of the flowers I like most. I even enjoy mowing the lawn, especially if it is on a riding lawnmower". Cassidy is often quick to smile, but says she does sometimes worry, and she hopes she can one day have a family to call her own. In the meantime, she likes going to school and learning where she has supportive people around her. She is affectionate with her foster family and enjoys doing family activities. Positive relationships are important to Cassidy, and the positive people around her who help her keep a good attitude even when things don't go her way. Cassidy is eager to meet families who are interested in learning more about her and hopes to find a family of her own; maybe a family who even has a small farm. Not having a farm is not a deal breaker for Cassidy though. She would enjoy living on a farm because she loves staying busy and working with plants and animals. Cassidy says farm life is for her because there is always something to do. Cassidy also likes being helpful and would like to share the responsibilities of cooking in her family. Of cooking, she says "I LOVE to cook. I can help people when they are sick by making meals and cooking. My best dishes are desserts and cakes". Cassidy is legally free for adoption. If you want to learn more about Cassidy, please contact her recruiter Tracey at Here is a Video of Cassidy
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