Jade from Pennsylvania

Statewide Adoption Network Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderF
  • LocationPennsylvania
  • Case #C51BI58
Jade is a young lady with hazel eyes and a pretty smile. She is tall and slim for her age. She is very pleasant, friendly and easy going. She has a great sense of humor. She is compassionate towards animals and people she holds dear to her heart. She would love one day to go to a jungle, just to explore and to see different animals. She is assertive and very in tune to other's feelings. She is working very hard to express feelings appropriately by using and practicing positive coping mechanisms. Jade loves to learn and her favorite subjects are math and science. She is very energetic and participates in CrossFit. She would love to be a cheerleader and play soccer. Her social workers report no academic struggles and say that she excels academically. She is passing all of her classes. She would like to be a veterinarian or an actress/dancer/professional singer. Jade loves to read adventure books. She enjoys listening to all types of music and especially pop music (Justin Bieber; Sam Smith, and Ariana Grande). She enjoys crocheting and doing girly things such as getting her hair done and getting manicures and pedicures. Her favorite team is the Steelers. She loves to watch cartoons such as Looney Tunes and Walt Disney characters such as Bugs Bunny, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Her favorite television shows are Full House, Shake It Up, Flintstones, and Sponge Bob. Her favorite game is Bop It and her favorite movies are Madea and Poppers. She loves buffet-style eating, although she is allergic to lima beans, fish, and grapefruit. Her favorite holiday is her birthday because she is getting older and she receives gifts. If Jade were granted three wishes they would be to have her own bedroom, a spa day, and a PlayStation. There are important people, including siblings, with whom Jade would like to reinstate contact and potential visits. She would need to be the only child in the home. She would benefit from a strong and structured, experienced two-parent household with clear boundaries. She is open to all races and a traditional family setting. Jade is legally free for adoption. For more information about Jade, please contact her recruiter, Karen, at