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Jennifer from Pennsylvania

Statewide Adoption Network Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange

  • Age12
  • GenderGirl
  • LocationPennsylvania
  • Case #C22CC93
Jennifer is a sweet and caring girl with wavy, light brown, hair that frames her face allowing her beautiful blue eyes to stand out from behind her glasses. She's described as "a little girl who you'll have a lot of fun with." One of her favorite activities is taking her baby doll for a walk in her stroller and making sure she's fed and properly taken care of. Jennifer also likes going to the playground, playing with Barbie's, and various art projects. Arts and crafts help Jennifer express herself emotionally when she has trouble finding the right words for her feelings. She loves school, and has attends a few special support classes during the day. She also had the opportunity to participate in equine therapy and ongoing pet therapy, which has also helped with building trusting relationships. Jennifer would probably fit best where she's the oldest, or only, child in the home. She would like to maintain some contact with her aunt and grandmother. Jennifer is free for adoption. For more information about her, please contact her recruiter, Helene, at kosiolekh@diakon.org.
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